Nourish your body and warm your soul this winter with Abokichi<br />instant miso soup

Nourish your body and warm your soul this winter with Abokichi<br />instant miso soup

Vegan, non-GMO, low-salt miso soup adds Made-in-Canada twist to traditional Japanese staple

Toronto, Ont., December 5, 2019 — Looking for the perfect winter warmer? Then wrap your chilly fingers around a mug or bowl of Abokichi’s naturally fermented, vegan instant miso soup for a healthy alternative to tea or coffee or a boozy hot toddy.
Made from non-GMO soybeans, garlic, spices and sake kasu — the fermented, pressedrice leftovers from sake brewing — Abokichi instant miso soup is the latest Japanese-inspired product offering from Canadian food entrepreneurs Fumi Tsukamoto and JessMantell of Abokichi Inc.

“Miso (soybean paste) is a key ingredient in Japanese cooking and miso soup is a
staple that’s eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as a delicious meal on its own or as a side dish,” said Tsukamoto, who moved to Canada from Japan in 2013. “It’s warm and soothing and packed full of nutrients and enzymes. Plus, because miso is a fermented food, miso soup is a natural source of healthy prebiotics – good bacteria that promote healthy digestion.”

Abokichi has been building a loyal following since Mantell founded the company in 2013 and began selling onigiri (rice balls) at farmer’s markets in the Toronto area. Tsukamoto joined the company a year later and the pair expanded the Akobichi product line to include OKAZU, a miso-based sesame oil condiment that has been featured by major media outlets and regularly sells out at health food stores and specialty shops throughout the GTA.

Abokichi instant miso soup is non-GMO, gluten-free and 100% vegan — unlike
traditional miso broth which is made with katsuo bushi (fermented tuna flakes). It’s also much lower in salt, with each serving containing just 1% of the recommended daily allowance of sodium, compared to 34% contained in other miso soup brands.

Abokichi miso soup is so easy to make — just add water. You can make a whole pot of soup and add your favourite ingredients like tofu or vegetables. Or drop a couple of tablespoons of Abokichi miso into a thermos, add a cup of hot water, fasten the lid,shake and share.

“It’s a great option for busy families and people on the go,” said Tsukamoto. “You can make it part of a sit-down meal at home, or pack it in your lunch for work or when you go hiking or skiing. It’s a wholesome, warm winter drink alternative to a chilled kombucha for promoting gut health.”
Reducing food waste Abokichi is also earning kudos for their environmental sensibility. Abokichi instant miso soup was named one of SIAL Canada’s 2019 top 10 innovation finalists for helping to reduce food waste by using the byproduct of sake-making as a key ingredient in their miso soup.
“Sake kasu gives our soup its unique, umami-rich flavour. We’re proud to work with Toronto’s Izumi Sake Company, where we source our sake kasu, to help ensure that no ingredients go to waste,” said Tsukamoto.
Abokichi instant miso soup is available in three flavours: Original, Chili, and Black
Pepper. Each 140 g packet contains four servings.

About Abokichi Inc.

Abokichi Inc. is dedicated to sharing traditional Japanese cuisine with Canadian food lovers of all backgrounds. The company’s OKAZU miso-based sesame oil condiment – the only authentic Taberu Rayu (Japanese chili oil condiment) made in Canada – has been featured in CANADIAN LIVING, Edible Toronto, The Globe and Mail, The Star, Toronto Life, CBC Radio, Bento Box Magazine, 24 Hours Toronto, CBC Radio and more. OKAZU is also available on
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