How to cook ABO Ramen Fresh!

I'm Ramen-tic

In this blog, we will explain how to cook ABO Ramen Fresh.

Noodles are one of the most important elements of a good ramen. Therefore, we hope you will master this cooking method.

Please watch this short video to learn how to prepare ABO Ramen Fresh. This video will help you understand some of the problems you will face and help you eat delicious ABO Ramen.

Here are some tips

- We strongly recommend that you thaw the noodles before cooking.

(If you start cooking them frozen, you will need to break up the noodle clumps in the pot to prevent them from sticking together.)

- Stir the noodles while cooking to prevent them from sticking to each other

- Cooking time is 1-2 minutes

****There is no need to pull the noodles over the boiling water. This video just shows how the noodles look during cooking! 


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