Shipping and Returns


We try to ship out product as quickly as possible, usually next-business day, using local courier services. You can expect your order within 5-10 business days of the ship date, depending on the distance. Please ensure that the shipping address entered is correct before submitting your order as incorrect shipping details will incur extra shipping and handling fees and lead to delays in receiving your products.

*Around holidays, peak-season and promotional times, there can be further delays.

*Provinces Excluded from Free Shipping:
Provinces Updates
Yukon All postal codes
Nunavut All postal codes
Northwest Territories All postal codes
Newfoundland and Labrador All postal codes except: A0P,A0R,A1A,A1B,A1C,A1E,A1G,A1H,A1N,A2V
British Columbia Free shipping except: V0A,V0B,V0C,V0E,V0J,V0J,V0K,V0L,V0M,V0N,V0N,V0P,V0P,V0R,V0R,V0S,V0T,V0T,V0V,V0V,V0W,V0X,V2A,V7Z,V8E
Manitoba Free shipping except: R0B,R0C
Ontario Free shipping except: P0L,P0T,P0V
Quebec Free shipping except; G0G,J0M
Saskatchewan Free shipping except: S0J
Alberta Free shipping except: T0A,T0B,T0C,T0E,T0G,T0H,T0J,T0K,T0L,T0M,T0P,T0V,T1L,T1W,A0C,T9J,T9K

*States/area Excluded from Free Shipping:
American Samoa
All postal codes
Micronesia All postal codes
Guam All postal codes
Hawaii All postal codes
Marshall Islands
All postal codes
All postal codes
U.S. Virgin Islands
All postal codes
Armed Forces Americas
All postal codes
Armed Forces Europe
All postal codes
Armed Forces Pacific
All postal codes
Alaska All postal codes


We are unable to accept returns as it is our policy to only send consumable goods directly from our facility. If there is an issue with your shipment or product, please let us know at and we will do our very best to address the issue.