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New Hope Network / In the Aisle: 5 shelf-stable pantry essentials for today's kitchens / Aug 01, 2023

New Hope Article ABO Miso Soup BP

Newswire / Minister Bibeau announces Food Waste Reduction Challenge finalists for the Business Models Streams / June, 2022


USA Today / "These innovative food brands are rethinking sustainability with upcycled snacks" /October, 2021


New York Times / Miso Mellows This Chile Crisp / September 2021

Abokichi OKAZU at NY times

Montecristo / A Spicy Tour Through Vancouver’s World of Chili Oil / August 2021

Abokichi OKAZU at Montecristo


Food In Canada / Why you should be crying over the split mill / May 2021

Food In Canada Abokichi

CBC's Dragon's Den / Abokichi / December, 2020

Abokichi was featured on CBC Dragon's Den web-exclusive pitch! Two of our partners, Fumi and Bobby pitched our Abokichi products to the Dragons. 

Wiki: 7 Sources For Tasty Recipes You've Never Tried Before / December, 2020

We got featured by wiki ezvid from California.

Your Morning CTV - The Loop / "13 amazing gift ideas for the foodie in your life" / November, 2020

Abokichi's OKAZU was featured on CTV's Your Morning and The Loop! Food expert, Jason Skrobar, talks about his top gift ideas for the foodies in your life, and OKAZU was chosen as one of them! Click here to see what Jason had to say.


Food Gal / "OKAZU Miso Chili Oil will have you smacking your lips" / October, 2020

Carolyn Jung, the creator of Food Gal, talks about our OKAZU condiments and what she likes about them! Read more here.


The sofi Awards / August 25, 2020

We won the incredibly prestigious Sofi award!  

The Sofi Awards is like the Oscars, but for food. It celebrates and showcases culinary excellence and innovation, and winners are chosen through a blind tasting process. 

There were 40 culinary experts in the U.S. who participated in the blind tasting this year, and OKAZU was selected as the winner out of more than 1800 food products! 

This particular award is purely about taste, which means that OKAZU is hard to beat when it comes to flavour.

OKAZU was born out of the farmer's markets in Toronto, and for it to have won the most respected specialty food award in the largest market in the world, is definitely a huge Canadian win in our eyes.

We couldn't have won this award without all of you. To those who advocated for us before we grew to those who support us now, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, this award is for you all!


Food in Canada Magazine / 'Priority Shift', pg 16-17 / May, 2020


Abokichi was featured in Food in Canada Magazine! 

The magazine discusses some approaches adopted by leading Canadian brands and food-startups that enabled new distribution channels and the maintenance of production while safeguarding employees during COVID-19. 

The article talks about many aspects, from our positive online sales to our innovative Instant Miso Soups to our Front-Line Donation initiatives. Check out the full article on page 16 and 17!


NOW Magazine Toronto / 'What to buy at One of a Kind Show's new online shop' / April, 2020



Abokichi's Instant Miso Soup was featured in Now Magazine Toronto! 

The One of a Kind Show has launched their virtual store, which is full of hundreds of Canadian-made artisanal products. Our Instant Miso Soup was selected as one of Now Magazine Toronto's top 10 favourite finds from Toronto artisans.

"Because there’s only so much instant ramen you should eat in a week, switch up your Japanese comfort food intake with Abokichi’s vegan miso soup..." - Samantha Edwards


Global News Montreal / 'Expo Manger Santé' goes digital / March, 2020


OKAZU and Miso Soup have been featured on Global News Montreal!

Since Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert is digital this year, Global News helped to spread the word through showcasing some of the products available on Expo Manger’s online store. / How to Support Local Food Businesses / March, 2020


In effort to support local food businesses, discusses the hit taken by local businesses due to COVID-19 and social distancing, and puts forth examples of products that can be bought through Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert’s website.

 Abokichi's OKAZU and Miso Soup were two of the products discussed:

“I’m drinking a mug of this instant miso soup right now. What I love about it is it’s low-sodium and really tasty, with a tiny bit of natural sweetness (not added sugar) from the koji used to make the miso and the leftover sake lees… And the Okazu miso oils are crunchy and/or spicy and silken and perfect for stuffing Japanese onigiri…” - Amie Watson


CBC life / 10 Canadian-made gifts that will excite even the savviest of food lovers / December, 2019


"After gaining a cult following at Toronto farmers markets, the team behind OKAZU expanded their offerings and there is no greater gift to us all. OKAZU is a Japanese miso-based chili and sesame oil condiment that adds a punch of flavour and umami to rice dishes, pasta, soup, meats, veggies and seafood. Your giftee can add it to almost anything and make it their secret ingredient for boosting savoury dishes. There's no need to choose between the offerings: pick up the OKAZU tasting set with their signature Chili Miso, Spicy Chili Miso, and Curry Miso. - Pay Chen"


CHATELAINE / Gift Guide / December, 2019

' I am obsessed with this umami-rich condiment and always keep a jar in my fridge. A spoonful of it can elevate any dish, whether it's sunny-side-up eggs, stir-fries or eve just plain rice." 
- Irene Ngo, food content director


Edible Toronto / Recycle, Re-use, Re-gift / The Holiday Issue, November, 2019

edible Toronto Abokichi


House & Home / HOT INGREDIENT / October, 2019


Abokichi won Top 10 for their Miso Soup at SIALCanada

About 115 products were in contention for the award, a number that was pared down to just 25 that were evaluated by a jury of food industry experts, which came up with the 10 finalists.   

Canadian Living / The Magic of Miso / November, 2018

Canadian Living OKAZU

Edible Toronto / 'First Bite, Up your rice game', pg 6 / May, 2018

Toronto Life / 'Our 20 favourite finds from this year’s Christmas One of a Kind Show' / November, 2017

Toronto life Abokichi

The Globe and Mail /  'Gifts that any foodie will savour' / December, 2016

blogTO / '10 great holiday gift ideas for food lovers in Toronto' / November, 2016


Torontonicity / 'The Stop’s Night Market 2016 Raises Funds for Food Centre' / June, 2016


Nikkei Voice / 'ABOKICHI: THE FORTUNATE AVOCADO' / April, 2016


National Post / Food & Drink; Shelf Life Impulse Buy / February 13th, 2016


Toronto Life / Hot Buy: The Ultimate Toronto Foodie Gift Box / November 24, 2015


She does the city / FOODIE holiday market at Artscape Sandbox: Abokichi /  November 23, 2015


Thrillist / 50 THINGS TO EAT IN TORONTO BEFORE YOU DIE / October 28th, 2015

28. Onigiri

Bento Box Magazine / Onigiri in a coffee shop / September 26. 2015 


blogTO / Abokichi / June 15, 2015


Toronto Star / If you love condiments, you’ll love this crunchy, spicy Okazu oil / November 6, 2014



Toronto Star / Toronto meets Japan with homemade onigiri at The Annex Hodgepodge / November 5, 2014


CBC RADIO, HERE & NOW, August 27, 2014