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The spicy miso chili oil is delicious! It adds flavour and a kick of heat to your dishes. I highly recommend this product.

Why don't you have this in your cupboard?

This spicy chili miso goes on everything - omelettes, stir fries, noodles ... ice cream? Well maybe not ice cream, but it is grabbed out of the fridge with almost every meal in my house. Savory and delicious.

Love your product!

Your product, give a kick to every meal... Wish you could ship fresh ramen in Quebec

Best ever

When I want a little more heat, this is the one I use. Otherwise I use my other favourite - chili miso

It’s pretty good

The product is great on so many things, especially veggies, rice & potatoes.

Hidden Gem 💎

This stuff is amazing, I use to buy it from a shop I use to work at in Santa Monica CA. I fell in love with the product. It is the best thing ever I could literally eat a jar with rice. There is nothing like it 10/10 amazing. Will turn your grandmas bland food into a Michelin starred dish.

Route Package Protection
Sandra D Rideout
In the loop

I love knowing where my package is and being able to see it's getting here. Gives me the info I need without too many emails and it's good to know my package is protected if something should happen. Peace of mind!

Hooked on this!

I found this chili miso oil at Farmboy in Ottawa & I am hooked on it. I have tried some of the recipes - on salmon, on brussels sprouts & it is so good. I even like having it straight up & have cucumber on the side when it gets too spicy. Love it!

Great products!

I loved them all! I’m now totally addicted!

Best flavor

I’ve tried all the flavors so far - chili, spicy chili, curry and now sansho pepper. I’m not a big fan of HEAT, so the spicy will never be my preferred. My go to has always been the milder (but still a little hot) chill flavor. WELL NO MORE! This sansho flavor is SO GOOD. Not much heat but a rich depth of flavor. I use it as a drizzle to top dishes, mixed into a broth for cooking ramen and just about anything else. It’s my new favorite and I’m trying to ration it before my next order 😂

ingredient change?

I swear this used to just contain sesame oil and not canola/sunflower oils, or I don't think I would have purchased in the first place. I love love this condiment, and that it's trying to be healthy....would love a sesame oil only recipe!

Hi Leanne,

Sorry for surprising you and thank you for using our products. OKAZU has contained both sesame oil and sunflower oil for about eight years now. Early on we experimented with different oils, but it was never made with just sesame oil.

Not many people outside the food industry know this, but most of the world's sunflower oil is produced in the Ukraine and Russia. As you can imagine, the ongoing war has affected global supply. We needed to consider our ability to source our ingredients and so printed our labels as you now see them just in case we needed to make a change to the recipe.

Fortunately, we found a local sunflower oil producer and we were able to maintain our prices as well. OKAZU does not contain canola oil (which we still feel is a great option btw), but in the case of potentially having to switch from sunflower oil in future, we decided to keep it on the package.

So to be clear, you didn't eat any canola oil with our product and the recipe has not changed in any way. OKAZU contains sunflower oil, only now it is Canadian-made rather than Ukrainian.
As a small business, we sometimes need to be flexible regarding the ingredients we might need to use and we have printed our labels as we have as a safeguard for the future.

Bulk ABO Miso soup Chili 140g (12 packets/CASE)

OKAZU - SPICY CHILI MISO - Japanese chili miso oil condiment (230ml/8oz)


The balance between flavor and subtle heat is perfect. My only complaint is that it's somehow disappearing from the jar much too quickly.

Bulk ABO Ramen (Gluten-free) - Classic Miso - 2servings/unit (12 units/CASE)

I'm addicted

You have a very addicting product.
Next time I prefer Canada post, Purolator is even slower.

Very consistent product. Excellent snack if you are on diet.

Fabulous! We use it on almost everyrhing. Did you try it on fried polenta?

Yummy Miso

I love these small containers of fresh Miso. Instant goodness. Having a variety to choose from is good too, even when you live the original.

I love this product but....

The best miso soup ever. And it's vegan! The only thing I don't like is the packaging. It's clumsy and messy taking out single servings. I recyclable jar would be so much better.

Love okazu on everything

Fast shipping and amazing packaging. Will buy again for sure

BULK OKAZU - Sanshō Pepper Miso - Japanese miso chili oil condiment 230ml/8oz (12 jars/CASE)

My favourite condiment!

I love the Curry Miso beyond words! On rice, pasta, in soup, on eggs BUT the one that I love the most is with tomatoes! On a sandwich with tomatoes and maybe some micro cilantro.... sometimes mixed into mayo but sometimes not. Also, just cut cherry tomatoes in half and mix in the Curry Miso and it is not just a snack but a TREAT! I ad other things into that sometimes but that hits the spot just fine on its own. THE BEST!


I just got back from Japan and was really craving the food so decided to start making some myself. I was given an ad for Abokichi so took a chance and ordered it. This sauce is SO GOOD. It has that thing that the food in Japan has where you taste 5 or 6 different flavors at the same time with each bite. It's FULLY FLAVORFUL! And I have a hard time with too much heat or things that are too spicy, but even though this sauce is very full of flavor and definitely has a bite, I can even eat it by itself and not cry from pain (I just cry from joy because it is so delicious). Congratulations Abokichi for making the perfect sauce. I will order it forever now.


Sooo good!