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ABO Miso Soup - Black Pepper

ABO Miso Soup - Black Pepper

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*ABO Miso Soup is alive. We recommend refrigeration when possible to slow fermentation. Contains traces of alcohol due to the ingredient sakekasu.

Just add water and your favorite add-ons (vegetables, fish, tofu...or just eat by itself!)

Abokichi Instant miso soup is vegan, Non GMO and made with Gluten free ingredients. The only fermented drink served warm in the market.


Single Serving: Add 2 Tbsp of Miso Soup paste to 250ml of
hot water in a thermos with lid and shake. Alternatively, mix with a spoon in

Pot of Soup: In a saucepan, boil entire contents of packet with 1L of water. Add other ingredients such as vegetables, tofu and fish.

AWARDS: SIAL Innovation 2019 finalist

Sial Innovation 2019



Miso Paste (Organic Soybeans, Rice, Salt), Sake Lees (Water, Rice, Koji Yeast), Water, Garlic Powder, Black Pepper.
Contains: Soybeans.

Customer Reviews

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Jim Morris
Miso-Black Pepper

I love the miso soup from ABO, the pepper is absolutely delicious.


Hi there, this is delicious. Question, it was on shelf in store, but package says to refrigerate. Is it ok left out on shelf?

Hi Byanna. We are glad you found ABO Miso Soup to be delicious! It is completely okay to be left out on the shelf. Although it is not necessary to be refrigerated, we recommend storing it in the fridge when possible to slow fermentation which maintains the original flavour. Once opened, please refrigerate. Hope this helps!'


My family leave Abokichi's spicy miso chili sauce on our table next to our salt and pepper shakers because it is a staple in our house. Decided to try the pepper miso soup and only wish it came in larger packages as we love it. We use it as a soup on its own as well add it to salad dressings and add many of our favourite veggies and noodles and make a complete meal. Congratulations this soup is another winner.

Great soup!

This soup is AMAZING! I was already a fan of the Okazu chili oil, and on my most recent order decided to give the miso soups a go. I tried the black pepper flavour first and it's just so good, and so very easy to make. I think the only problem I have is that I wish they came in bigger packages (because I know I'm gonna run out in no time!)

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