Onigiri making workshop Friday 4th August, 2017 / 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm



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Onigiri or musubi, are the Japanese answer to the sandwich. These balls of unseasoned rice have aristocratic beginnings, much like the sandwich, and similarly have evolved into a casual and convenient food that anyone can make at home.

The novel about a scandalous playboy, The Tale of Genji, written by Lady Murasaki-Shikibu in Japan during the 11th century, makes the first mention of the eating of rice formed into balls. Now, nearly a thousand years later, onigiri is a staple of the Japanese diet, though it is only starting to gain traction in the West.

Often wrapped in nori, just like sushi, the difference here is the focus on the rice, rather than the fish. While the making of sushi takes years to master and is not typically prepared at home, onigiri is an everyday food. They are prepared by mothers for lunch boxes, are available in corner stores, and are the perfect sustenance to take along on hikes, picnics, train rides, and road trips.

In this workshop we will examine the different kinds of Japanese rice, and how to wash and cook the rice for optimal taste and texture. We will explore some traditional, and not-so-traditional, filling options like: ume boshi (Japanese salted plum), kombu (umami-packed seaweed), tuna with mayo, and some of Abokichi’s OKAZU (miso & sesame spice condiments). Participants will be able to try their hand at forming onigiri using a few different techniques, leave with some onigiri to snack on, and the skills to start making their own onigiri at home.

Japanese soup and small dishes are also included for this workshop.

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