Press release by Onigiri Society in Tokyo

Press release by Onigiri Society in Tokyo

Credit: Nellie Chen,

Onigiri Society in Tokyo debuts in Canada by launching original Canadian Onigiri at a sold-out foodie event as next global project following Expo Milano and Doha.

General Incorporated Association Onigiri Society (located in Tokyo, Japan; Yusuke Nakamura, Representative Director) known as the performer and exhibitor at Expo Milano 2015 is pleased to announce the launch of “Local Onigiri” for Canada as its 3rd global project after the success in Milan, Italy and Doha, Qatar. The association aims to globally spread information and an appreciation for Onigiri as a Japanese fast, slow, and soul food.

The “Local Onigiri” for Canada will be available on June 15th, 2016 at The Stop’s Night Market (one of the most popular foodie events in Toronto, Ontario), thanks to the collaboration with a popular take-away Onigiri cafe in Toronto operated by Abokichi Inc.

The tickets for The Stop's Night Market have sold out every year since the event first launched in 2012. Now in its fifth year, the event features more than 70 chefs, 20 local beverage vendors, and 35 one-of-a-kind food carts created by local designers. This event is hosted by The Stop Community Food Centre, a registered charity. Last year, it raised a record $235,000 for The Stop’s critical food access and community-building programs.

  • Superfood “Wild rice” is used in “Local Onigiri” for Canada

Onigiri Society focuses on a Canadian superfood, “wild rice” which is also known as Canadian rice. It has gotten global attention lately as a superfood beyond brown rice because it’s not only nutrient-rich and low-calorie like brown rice, it is also low-fat (one-third of brown rice), low-salt (half of brown rice), and is rich in protein and vitamins.

Onigiri Society has developed two “Local Onigiri” recipes for Canada by trying a new challenge of making Japanese Onigiri with Canadian rice. The mixture of white rice, wild rice and quinoa is the unique base of the Onigiri.

“Local Onigiri” for Canada

  • Chicken Peanuts Salad Onigiri (available at The Stop’s Night Market)

Healthy Onigiri made with local organic chicken breast, Asian carrot salad with peanuts sauce and broccoli sprouts.

  • Maple Teriyaki Salmon Onigiri

Fusion Onigiri of Canadian and Japanese taste. Cooking Teriyaki with salmon and maple syrup, representative specialties in Canada. Adding cheese-mayo tartar sauce topped with fresh onion and dill.

These recipes will be published in English after the event at the website below so that everyone can make the “Local Onigiri” for Canada at home.


  • “Local Onigiri” for Canada debuts at popular foodie events

The sampling of “Local Onigiri” will be implemented at The Stop’s Night Market with Chicken Onigiri and at another event in Toronto with Salmon Onigiri thanks to the collaboration with Abokichi Inc.

Toronto, Canada is one of the prominent global cities in North America and records the most populous metropolitan area in the country, 6th in the continent. Known as a commercial centre in Canada, the headquarters of many domestic companies and branches of global companies are located in Toronto. Onigiri Society expects many Canadians to try and eat the “Local Onigiri” and to grow the popularity of Onigiri in Canada.

Message from Abokichi Inc.

“In 2013, when we began to sell Onigiri, almost no one knew it. But today, the number of Onigiri fans has been increasing because Onigiri has been recognized as a healthy and low-calorie lunch that’s easy to make by oneself. We also expect more people to become Onigiri fans through the sampling of “Local Onigiri” for Canada.”

For more information, please contact

Onigiri Society

Abokichi Inc.

Store   Abokichi Onigiri Cafe

Location 258 Dupont Street Toronto 


ServiceProducing and selling Onigiri and original sauces


The Stop’s Night Market

DateJune 14 and June 15, 2016

Time:  7pm – 11pm

Location158 Sterling Rd, Toronto, ON, Canada

Ticket $100All you can eat and drink



Onigiri Society

Name : General Incorporated Association Onigiri Society

Formed  : February 2013

Founded  February 20th, 2014

Representative DirectorYusuke Nakamura

Location :1-15-37, Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 107-0062 (Inside N PLUS, INC.)






ServicePublishing research, writings and publications of Onigiri culture

 Holding Onigiri events

 Distributing images, videos and music contents related to Onigiri

 Selling and exporting products related to Onigiri

 Issuing licenses related to Onigiri

 Supporting the sixth industrialization from primary industry by making use of Onigiri contents

 Consulting service for municipalities, parties, and companies that exploit Onigiri contents

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