Ramen Special. Part 1. Hokkaido Edition "Golden Combination of Miso and Butter."

Ramen Special. Part 1. Hokkaido Edition  "Golden Combination of Miso and Butter."


Ramen Special. Part 1. Hokkaido Edition  "Golden Combination of Miso and Butter."

The variety of ramen in Japan is truly diverse, and there are "local ramen" that have taken root in various regions of Japan. Many of the local ramen are closely related to the climate and history of the region. Although we cannot introduce all of them, we will be reporting on typical local ramen in a series from now on.

The first local ramen we will introduce is from Hokkaido!

What? ! That can't be right!

Ramen noodles with butter and corn?

That's right. Ramen topped with butter and corn can be found in Hokkaido, the northernmost prefecture of Japan.

Hokkaido is known for its miso ramen, or Sapporo ramen. Hokkaido is the birthplace of " Miso Ramen".

In the 1950s, when only soy sauce (Shoyu) ramen and Salt ramen were available, miso ramen was invented and subsequently became a nationwide boom and established an unshakeable position in the market. That being said, although Hokkaido also has soy sauce ramen (Asahikawa ramen), Miso ramen probably has a much stronger image in Hokkaido. Furthermore, Hokkaido is famous for its dairy products, or butter. Hokkaido is also Japan's largest producer of corn. Matching these two factors has been well established in Hokkaido. This way of eating ramen was invented by a ramen shop in the 1960s and spread nationwide. Thanks to this, many people have the image of Sapporo ramen containing corn and butter, but there are not many ramen that contain corn and butter from the beginning, except for ramen in tourist areas. However, since corn and butter go well with ramen, many restaurants prepare them as toppings.

Have you ever experienced the combination of miso and butter? The saltiness becomes milder, and the butter adds a milky flavor. It also adds a lot of depth to the flavor.

The combination of miso and butter does not stop at ramen noodles, but also potato chips, nabe dishes, fish seasoning and miso soup, etc. There are several cup noodle companies that offer miso butter ramen flavor.

As improbable as it may seem, the butter and corn toppings are perfect for Abokichi's Miso Ramen! Even if you have never been to Hokkaido, this ramen brings all the bounty of Hokkaido together in one place, and you might just feel like you've been there!

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