Miso Soup for Front-line Workers in Healthcare

Instant miso soup Tasting set

Four weeks ago, my sister asked me about sending our Instant Miso Soup to four of her friends in New York City. Since my sister previously worked as a Researcher at Columbia University Medical Center (UCMC), she knew firsthand that the hospital staff were having a difficult time. Front line workers have been working long hours in challenging conditions since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, so she decided to send something nutritious that is also easy to prepare.

I was happy to know that our miso soup could help those on the front lines. My sister’s actions inspired me; I believe that if our miso soup can help doctors in NYC, it can help front-line healthcare workers in Canada too. So we have decided to donate Instant Miso Soup Sets to front-line workers in healthcare. We will ship it directly to the hospitals to make things as easy as possible. 

As a small food producer, we want to help in the only tangible way that we know how - by nourishing the front-line workers who are working tirelessly to keep us all safe.

We want to help with saving time in getting nutrition and keeping their energy levels up. Our instant miso soup only requires the mixing of hot water (it's easy to shake up in a thermos) and contains probiotics, which makes it a really quick and nutritious meal or snack. 

- Fumi Tsukamoto, Abokichi Inc. Co-founder

Sign-up Sheet:

Please fill out this form if you are a front-line worker in healthcare or if you would like to nominate a front-line worker in healthcare to receive a free Abokichi Instant Miso Soup Set.

-One (1) valid entry per person.
-One (1) Instant Miso Soup Set per healthcare worker.
-Only available to front-line healthcare workers in Ontario and Quebec.
-Initiative will run until fifty (50) Instant Miso Soup Sets have been donated.