Abokichi Launches Two Upcycled Ramen Product Lines that Help Fight Climate Change

Abokichi Launches Two Upcycled Ramen Product Lines that Help Fight Climate Change

Award-winning Canadian food brand debuts two innovative Upcycled Instant Ramen Products for soup season 2021

Toronto, Ont., [2021/10/13] — Abokichi Inc. continues to expand its line of healthy, Japanese-inspired artisanal food products with two new offerings for 2021: plant-based Instant Ramen product lines; ABO Ramen which contains dry noodles (launched through a kickstarter campaign in August 2021) and ABO Ramen - Fresh which has soft, fresh noodles (the soft launch will be at the Vegandale event in Toronto on October 16, 2021). Both products help reduce food waste and help fight climate change.

The two new ramen SKUS are different because of their noodles and what section of the grocery store they can be found in, and their ingredients. ABO Ramen is shelf stable and is entirely gluten-free, whereas ABO Ramen - Fresh must be refrigerated and its noodles contain an upcycled ingredient that is a byproduct of tofu making.The broth of both ABO Ramen lines also has upcycled ingredients.

The following table outlines the main differences between to two SKUS.

ABO Ramen

ABO Ramen

ABO Ramen is a delicious, 100% guilt-free ramen meal kit featuring wheat-free noodles and miso-based ramen broth seasoned with Abokichi’s award-winning OKAZU condiment.

Abokichi has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the ABO Ramen meal kit, with plans for market entry by November 2021.

“Because we LOVE ramen, we have worked hard to create a healthy instant ramen meal kit that’s tasty and good for you too,” says Fumi Tsukamoto, Abokichi co-founder . “Our new ABO Ramen is a great choice compared to regular instant, or restaurant ramen, which are very high in fat and sodium.”

Like Abokichi’s Miso Soup products, ABO Ramen contains sakekasu, sake lees, a highly nutritious fermented byproduct of sake brewing that would otherwise go to waste.

Plant-based ABO Ramen is vegan, wheat-free and packed with fermented goodness, with 24g of protein and 5g of fiber per serving. It has just 20% of the sodium of regular ramen, and it's free of GMOs, gluten, MSG and any animal products.

The first shipment to the Kickstarter campaign is coming soon.

ABO Ramen - Fresh

While the Abokichi team was experimenting for the creation of ABO Ramen, they ended up creating a fresh version of ramen noodles which is so tasty, they decided to make another new product line with it.

“Launching two different lines, one with fresh noodles and one with dry noodles, at the same time is kind of crazy, but we couldn't ignore the potential of this fresh version of ABO Ramen because it is just really tasty.” Tsukamoto said. “We provide nutritious and healthy meals to North American households, but also we value the flavour. From that view point, the ABO Ramen - Fresh has great point for us.”

The noodles contain wheat and okara, a by-product of tofu or soy milk production, which adds fiber and protein to the ramen.


Abokichi - Upcycled Food Brand

Globally, if food waste was a country, it would be the third-largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world. In Canada, over half the food we produce in the country is being thrown away. This costs billions each year, and the environmental and social impact is really unthinkable, particularly when over 4 million Canadians are food insecure.

Abokichi believes in saving food waste by using upcycled ingredients in their products. Reducing and diverting waste is a core value of the company. For the sake of the earth and future generations, the entire food industry should care about the current wasteful standards and strive to do better.



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