Abokichi launches organic matcha tea and a Kickstarter campaign for new guilt-free ramen meal kit

Abokichi launches organic matcha tea and a Kickstarter campaign for new guilt-free ramen meal kit

Award-winning Canadian food brand debuts two innovative Japanese-inspired products for 2021

Toronto, Ont., [2020/5/10] — Abokichi Inc. continues to expand its line of healthy, Japanese-inspired artisanal food products with two new offerings for 2021: certified organic matcha tea and a plant-based ramen meal kit that also helps reduce food waste.

ABO Matcha

ABO Matcha is a certified organic ceremonial-grade matcha tea from the Uji region of Kyoto, Japan, where tea farming has an 800-year history.

The buttery, vibrant matcha tea is grown using 100% all-natural cultivation practices, said Abokichi co-founder Fumi Tsukamoto.

“Matcha is an antioxidant-rich natural immune system booster – perfect for your morning wake up ritual, post-workout smoothie or to add a creative twist to baked goods,” she said. “We’ve sourced the best matcha you can buy, grown and harvested using traditional practices that respect and preserve biodiversity.”


ABO Ramen

ABO Ramen is a delicious, 100% guilt-free ramen meal kit featuring wheat-free noodles and miso-based ramen broth seasoned with Abokichi’s award-winning OKAZU condiments.

Abokichi has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the ABO ramen meal kit, with plans for market entry by August 2021.

“Because we LOVE ramen, we have worked hard to create a healthy instant ramen meal kit that’s tasty and good for you too,” Tsukamoto said. “Our new ABO Ramen is a great choice compared to regular instant, or restaurant ramen, which are very high in fat and sodium.”

Like Abokichi’s Miso Soup products, ABO Ramen contains ‘sake lees,’ a highly nutritious fermented byproduct of sake brewing that would otherwise go to waste.

Plant-based ABO Ramen is vegan, wheat-free and packed with fermented goodness, with at least 22 g of protein and 5 g of fiber from one serving. It has just 20% of the sodium in regular ramen, and is free of GMOs, gluten, MSG and any animal products.


About Abokichi Inc.

Abokichi is a Canadian speciality food brand established in 2013 and dedicated to sharing Japanese-inspired cuisine with food lovers of all backgrounds. Abokichi’s products include vegan and keto friendly OKAZU Japanese Miso Chili Oil condiments and Instant Miso Soup. Abokichi won a gold sofi™ Award in 2020 for OKAZU chili miso oil, and has been featured in Canadian Living, Edible Toronto, The Globe and Mail, The Star, Toronto Life, CBC Radio, Bento Box Magazine, 24 Hours Toronto, and more. Abokichi is a member of the Upcycled Food Association. Learn more at abokichi.com.



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