October 02, 2020

This easy vegetable miso soup recipe is so delicious and comforting, it really hits the spotConsisting of 5 ingredients and prepared in under 15 minutes, this quick, healthy soup will become one of your favourites. Thank you to Diane for creating this yummy, wholesome recipe with our miso soup!

Recipe and photo credit: Kimono Suki

Servings: 4-5 
Cooking time: 10-15 minutes 


1 box low-sodium chicken or vegetable broth
1 ear (roughly 1 cup) of cooked fresh corn
1 cup chopped green bean
3 spring onions, separated into white and green part

Furikake (optional)


1. Bring the broth and miso to a boil together and whisk thoroughly to make sure the miso is smooth and well-incorporated, and then turn down the heat.

2.Add in chopped corn and beans, the white parts of the spring onions and simmer until everything is heated through.

3. Serve it topped with the greens from the spring onions and a sprinkle of furikake if you like. 

4. Add tofu, fish, or chicken for extra protein.

In this recipe: 

To see Diane's Karaage-style chicken with OKAZU dipping sauces (photo below), click here or the photo below.




This recipe was created by Diane of Kimono Tsuki, a blog that focuses on Diane's love of kimonos. From the history of kimonos to her vintage collection and traditional Japanese arts, there are lots to explore at Kimono Tsuki!

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