Grilled Corn with Miso Butter and Okazu:OKAZU MASTER'S RECIPE

Grilled summer corn is one of our favourite ways to enjoy our Sakekasu miso and Okazu! Grilling on the stove is a great alternative incase your BBQ gets rained out A simple recipe for summer from Justine Wong from @imakefoodnotfriends!


- Serves 4
4 Corns on the cob
1 tbsp of Olive Oil
1 tbsp of Butter
Abokichi’s Sakékasu Miso, to taste
Abokichi’s Okazu, to taste
Furikake, to taste


1. Remove the husk on each corn and rinse under water. Pat dry. Warm the olive oil on the stove-top cast iron in medium heat. 
2. Fit as many corn as you can on your cast iron. Rotate the corn once every few minutes to grill the corn evenly until all sides are toasted. This may take about 10 minutes.
3. Once the corn is grilled evenly, remove from heat and spread a thin layer of butter over the corn. Now spread a layer of Abokichi’s Sakékasu Miso across one side of the corn. Finally dress the corn with Abokichi’s Okazu to taste, and sprinkle a generous amount of a Furikake of your choice. Serve!